Monday, June 03, 2013

happy birthday

ee with baby ting
On this day, many moons ago, we welcomed this little baby into the world. And my world became a better place.

Birthday bag!
My baby sister and I got to spend some rare QT together without her bebes yesterday afternoon. The lucky girl bought a new bday bag, courtesy of her hubs and Louis!

Lunch with my bestie!
I am so happy that she moved down here almost 6 years ago. I love being able to just stop by whenever I can. And I love that the boys are going up, knowing their auntie and uncle Joe very well.

2009 03 04 photo
Happy birthday baby sis! I will always be your number one fan! 


The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

You are blessed - I wish I had a sister.

Megan Gann said...

Aww happy birthday to your Sis!! I love that you have such a strong friendship with your sister. That's an amazing thing.

Analog Girl said...

happy birthday ting!! you guys are so cute :)