Wednesday, June 05, 2013

weekend casual | times 3

Saturday: cardio/zoo with the boys/casual dinner with the hubs
In an effort to better assess what I really wear in my closet, I have decided to track all outfits (as best as I can) this month. This also includes workout looks as well as lounging/hanging out looks. Like do I really need 10 pairs of shorts? My1-in-2-out closet philosophy has lost momentum and I know I tend to wear the same things over again.

Sunday: yoga/hanging out at home/shopping and lunch with my sister
My goal is not to necessarily purge everything just yet, but to simplify. I love pretty things and I love buying pretty things, but sometimes I think that $$ would be better spent toward a trip or more savings or to buy something for someone else.We'll see how it goes!

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