Sunday, April 13, 2014

on the mat | learning to be a teacher but always a student

My teacher asked me if I was interested in learning to teach a couple months ago. And of course I said yes! Loving this practice means I love to learn and practice it but would love the share that as well. We are starting slow...I am observing her teach after I practice on Sunday mornings. Today I actually helped her adjust a few students (one of them being my husband). And I practice adjusting her on our self practice days.

After practice on Sunday she goes over things she wants me to learn. And it's been so interesting - not only seeing how other people practice and their strengths and weaknesses but also using that knowledge to deepen my own practice.

One conference in India I remember Sharath saying that people always want to be teachers but never students. This girl will always be a student but hopefully can pass a bit of knowledge along in the process.


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