Saturday, January 21, 2006

Garage sale this morning!

We finally got rid of our old futon, table, chairs, stereo, tv, etc. etc. At the end we literally gave things away, but the living and dining rooms are now almost entirely empty. It's so nice not to have boxes of unused stuff all around. Of course our sofa is not here yet so we don't have any place to sit (well, with no tv either, I guess that's a mute point) besides our new computer chair (courtesy of crate and barrel). But that's ok.

I even bought a new striped terrycloth shower curtain and bathmat from Waterworks. Luckily they were on sale today. Even I wouldn't be able to justify a $145 bathmat!

We had dinner with Marc, Darryl, and Cindy at this new restaurant called Thai Spice. It is located right by Collina's in the Heights. The service was very very slow, but the food was pretty good, albeit spicy. The best thing is that we got to bring our own wine, so it ended up being only $15 a person. You gotta love that!

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