Monday, January 23, 2006

I love having Mondays off. Too bad I only get them once every 2 weeks! Can't complain, though. A three-day weekend every other week is not a bad deal (although working 11-12 of 12 days is not fun, but nothing comes without a price!). If we won the lotto, after travelling the world (which is what both Joe and I would love to do) I think I'd just like to settle down and scrap! I don't feel like I am very creative, but scrapping helps with that. I guess it's a form of art.

I am listening to "Speechless" by School of Fish, a one-hit-wonder 90's band. The only reason I even know them is Warren, a boy I loved in college. He broke my heart, like many before and after him, but I do have fond memories of him. School of Fish and Simple Minds, "See the Lights," really remind me of him. Just a short trip down memory lane :)...

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