Wednesday, March 01, 2006

A new month!

My first post for March. This blogging thing is weird and interesting to me - I've been addicted to reading posts of these people that I DON'T KNOW at all - but I like to see what they have to say. Most of it is scrapbooking-related (yes, I am a big nerd). And I like to see different peoples pages. Maybe it's the voyeur in me - I like to see what other people do with their lives. How some people can make the mundane seem fabulous. And I guess that's what I want to do with my scrapbook of March 2006. Our ordinary life. But I love it!

I had a hard time sleeping last night because yoga ran so late. And when I woke up this morning, at like 4:52 AM, I felt like I had just closed my eyes! I hate that. Joe got up around 5:20 - he went swimming with Jim this morning at the 4 seasons pool. I had a hard time finding me keys this morning - of course they were simply on the opposite side of the stove than I ususally throw them! Boot camp with Richard was good this morning. This week he has been mixing it up (i.e. not making us do 100 push-ups at one time), which has made the class better to me. Rhonda, DeeDee, Pete, Janeen, Terry, James and JJ (new girl) were there so it was a fairly full class. I need to get a picture of my boot campers!

I had my usual bowl of cereal for breakfast this morning while perusing the new Creating Garden at Two Peas. I think if I had to I could totally live on cereal. I also talked to Tinger this morning. She and John may be moving - I am keeping my fingers crossed that they come back to Texas.

And now that the sweat has dried on me and I feel so glamourous (eewww!), I am off for my morning shower. Hopefully the steam won't set off the fire alarm!

8:39 AM
My new favorite thing to make for breakfast is soft boiled eggs. With a little salt and pepper, they are yummy. Got the idea from Peggy. They are kind of like sunny side up eggs. And they have more flavor than dried hard boiled eggs. A good way for me to get my protein in the morning!

9:48 PM
Today was so bright and sunny outside I couldn't help but be in a good mood! We were busy at work but not too crazy, and the post-ops weren't too crazy, either, which helps!

Matt and I went to Berry Hill for lunch and sat outside. I had yummy grilled fish tacos. Love Berry Hill food!

After work I went straight to yoga and met Joe there. Joey showed up again as well! This is the first time I've been to two classes in a row. It wasn't too bad - in fact I improved on some things, although at the end I could tell I was getting tired.

We got home around 8:45 and since we haven't gone to the g-store in forever, we didn't have anything good to eat for dinner. So Joe made some eggs, which I ate with toast and jelly (and I can't believe it's not butter). We definitely need to get some food - I think we're even out of cereal (gasp!)!!

So tomorrow I want to take some pictures at work. I totally forgot today and it would have been great for it because we weren't slammed. Also, next house project is to finish decorating the bathroom. I want to put more hooks up and get something on the wall. That shouldn't be too hard and it's something I can control, unlike furniture from Italy or France.

Hope I can fall asleep tonight....

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