Thursday, March 02, 2006

Lazy morning

I am resting today from my 2-a-days. They definitely aren't as strenuous as Joe's work outs, but tiring nonetheless. Joe and I got in a mini-argument on whether or not he "needed" to sell his motorcycle in order to get his tri-bike. His defense was that I bought my beemer even though I didn't "need" to. Granted a BMW is a luxury, but I use it every day. Does he ride his motorcycle or would he use his tri-bike everyday? Probably not. But Joe is stubborn and will probably get one whether he really needs it or not. I guess there's not much I can do if he's using his own money!

Breakfast this morning was just oatmeal. We really need to go to the store!! Of course when I don't have any I really crave a bowl of cereal.

Julia is coming today to clean. Yeah!

8:03 AM
Just talked to Joey and he apologized for getting mad this morning. I wasn't too upset about it - but I'm glad we talked it out. Basically, he doesn't like being told what he can or can't do, which I can understand. If I let him think things over himself, he usually comes to the same decision that I do, so I shouldn't push or nag him about it. I know I'm bad about that - got it from my mom. It's one of her characteristics that I don't like so I really need to break myself of it.

That's all for now. I am in the process of tidying up the house for Julia. I find it amusing that I like to "clean" before Julia comes. Mostly I want to get our clutter out of the way for her.

6:41 PM
I love coming home to a clean house with nice piles of clean laundry ready to be put away. I wish Julia could come every week, but my wallet doesn't allow it!

The first thing I have to to when I get home (aside from finding a little snack) is take off my scrubs and jewelery. For some reason I want to be free of all adornments. And I hate having my hair in my face - up up in a little pigtail it goes!

I keep forgetting to take pictures at work - just get too busy. My lunch today consisted of a turkey sandwich with some of Matt's baked Cheetos, carrots and a yogurt. No wonder I'm starving today. The few peanut butter cookies I had this afternoon didn't cut it. I was craving pasta on my way home and what do you know, a flyer for free pasta delivery was on our fence. But I am saving my money and having soup at home instead. Joe is going to the g-store tomorrow so we can have some food! These are the things that make me think, goodness am I ready to take care of another human being???

More laters....

8:29 PM
I am starting to get tired. Haven't been sleeping as well the last couple night because of yoga too late. Hopefully won't be a problem tonight. But I do want to take a pic of me and my sweetie today. I want one of us every day this month (except when he's out of town).

I really want to be motivated to scrap but I haven't been feeling it. I should just work on my sister's wedding album to get inspiration to make one for Alan and Patrick before they leave! I was hoping the creativity class I took from Big Picture Scrapbooking would inspire me, but beside from making a cute book I didn't do anything with it. I need to find more inspiration!

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