Friday, March 17, 2006


My reading material and interest has definitely changed this year. I still love receiving tons of magazines in the mail (shh...don't tell Joe I may be ordering more. they are so cheap off ebay!). And I got 2 great photography books and oodles of scrapbooking books. I read more about scrapping than I actually do. I really need to change that. I think it's hard because most of my pictures are digital. I am printing some more free from Shutterfly.

ANYWAYS, to my original point. I haven't been reading as much fiction as I usually do. I'm really into this creativity thing. Maybe it's cause I'm trying to find "deeper meaning" in my life, I don't know. But I've got all this thoughts swimming in my brain - I think that's why I haven't been sleeping as well lately.

I did go to Eric's yoga class today. Enjoyed it quite a bit, because only 3 of us were there. Kind of like a semi-private session! My muscles, especially those hamstrings, were really sore and stiff from boot camp on Thursday. Need to stretch more everyday!

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