Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Terrible Tuesdays

The Met had a new class this morning - Strength, Stamina and speed, by Allison, this cute girl with really short bleached blonde hair, who also teaches spinning. It wasn't terribly hard, especially compared to boot camp, but wasn't a bad workout either. I should start running to the Met with Joe on Tuesday mornings when I go into work late. That way I can get some more cardio in.

I need to get motivated to go the g-store here before work. As usual, we are almost completely out of food!!

8:49 PM
The day goes by so fast when work goes late. I am tired tired tired. Yet still amused by my boy. A favorites expression is "BEEEG ONES...," referring to any number of things - use your imagination.

We did cook some pasta for dinner tonight - actually cooking is a bit of a stress relief - something to concentrate on that has a finite ending. And yogurt is still our favorite dessert (well, not really, but at least it's good for you!).

What a blah day. I have a feeling tomorrow will be much the same - stress stress stress! Time to hit the hay...Over and out!

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