Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A new day....

Today will be a better day. I can feel it. The sun is shining, birds are singing - there is nothing to be blah about (or so I keep telling myself!). I think work just sometimes sucks the life out of me!! I think just seeing the volume of people I see gets tiring. I am trying to figure out how to combat that weariness. One patient at a time, I guess!

Boot camp was good today althought I feel bad because I was a little bitchy to Richard. I get that way when I'm tired, which I'm sure Joe can attest to. Definitely something I need to work on!

And I have been bad about taking pictures. More today, I promise!

8:49 PM
Ha - no more photos. The day goes by too quickly! We were crazy busy this morning, but at least the afternoon was not too bad. I am definitely not as tired as I was yesterday. I need to gear up for tomorrow - I'm sure it's going to be a madhouse!

American Idol still makes me happy. I wish it were on every night!! The boys this year are still my favorite. I like Chris (bald rocker dude), Ace (hot dude) and Taylor (personality dude). We'll see - I haven't been voting but I will probably start next week for the top 12. Yes, I am a goof.

I have a new favorite scrapbooker - her name is Elsie Flannigan and she seems so cute. It's so weird how this blogging thing can make you seem like you know someone even though you really don't! Anyways, I usually like clean and simple lines, but she has the cutest way of doodling her pictures and pages. I love it! Not really my style, but definitely inspiring.

In other exciting news, our sofa, chair and dining room table should be delivered on Monday!! Woo hoo! After months and months of waiting, we will be partially furnished. I am most excited about that. We still need to get chairs for the table - probably from C&B.

Looks like Joe's coming to bed. over and out!

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