Saturday, March 18, 2006

Why does it have to end?

Saturdays, that is. It was a good day. I spent the morning at Target, Barnes and Noble and Old Navy before getting highlights with Luis and David at Tova's. Then I met Peggy and Trista for lunch at Andre's. Had a yummy spinach quiche. Laura brought Berkeley over later on. We had a great time just catching up. Berkeley is the cutest baby! Makes me almost want one...

After lunch Peg and I went to Harwin, where we checked out a bag place (nothing too exciting) and then went to Charming Charlie's. I got 2 wooden beaded necklaces for like $15. Can't beat that!

Joe was already home when I got back. (Still no CK in the mail, dammit!). He sold his motorcycle today! I know he was a bit disappointed, but now he can get his tri bike guilt free.

We went to Osaka, this Japanese restaurant just on Westheimer, for dinner. Pretty good sushi. For dessert we baked brownies and made sundaes, complete with bananas, ice cream, whipped cream and cherries on top. I watched A History of Violence while Joe slept through most of it. It was a surprisingly short movie. I enjoyed it, but Joe thought it was dull (obviously, see above).

I'm not ready for bed yet so here I will be for probably another hour. Toodles.

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