Monday, March 20, 2006


Got my new CK today. The image is not uploading properly so I'll try again later. Time to enjoy the day off and read!

...later. still got allowing me to post image...hmmmm what's going on???

well, it seems like it may be just that picture it's having trouble with. I uploaded my new PINK t-shirts just fine!

i have already perused the mag once and did fall asleep for a bit. a necessary nap after my two-workout day. (SWAT and yoga). my goal is to go to yoga every day this week. tomorrow will be at 6:30 am, wed 7 pm, thurs 7pm for mysore (i'm a little nervous about this one, but since we don't get out of work until 6, i have no choice!) and fri 5:30 pm with eric. I wonder who teaches the early morning class - i heard it's not yannis. i'll find out tomorrow.

joe and i are going to the galleria tonight for some shoppin' and hair stylin' (he is). should be fun (when is shopping not fun?!?!?).

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