Saturday, April 15, 2006

The early bird....

is just up early. I'm surprised I am sleeping so well because usually when I don't exercise I don't sleep as soundly. I'm not missing the working out as much as I thought I would. A little rest never hurt anyone, I guess.

Today is going to be a pretty busy day at work. I'm not dreading it so much since I've only been back for 3 days, but by next week I'm sure I'll be over it. I think the main thing I don't like about having to work is that I'd rather be scrappin' - sounds silly, but true. I am working on my Random Me project but I have other things I need to do to. I guess my first order of business should be some layouts for Mom, for Mom's day. I should probably make some for dad's day too.

We're having dinner with our boys tonight at El Pueblito. Should be fun!

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