Friday, April 14, 2006

One week anniversary

Of my bunion surgery! I am walking with a slight limp because I am favoring the outside of my left foot and this is causing my left leg to ache in weird places. So I am going to walk on my WHOLE foot today (or at least try to!). I'm feeling really guilty for not working out, but am not feeling as physically gross as I thought I would. Maybe because walking is still a bit of a chore. And bathing is definitely a pain in the a$$.

Good thing is that I am getting a bit of scrapping done. I have finished my 3 year-in-review layouts that I planned. They are all fairly similar, but with tiny little twists. I am pretty happy with them. Now I have some gifts I want to make - a mini album for Joe for our anniversary, a few gift layouts for mom's album for mother's day as well as gift album for Ting's bday. That's a lot of stuff to do in a little time. Got to get cracking!

I am also doing a random me album as well as wanting to do the 21 day challenge, but right now am still short on time. I wish I could function on 5 hours of sleep, but I love me some sleep sleep sleep!

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