Saturday, April 22, 2006

One more day...

until I get a break. Whew, work has been long. We haven't been crazy busy as usual, which is good in the sense that I don't come home completely exhausted. But which is bad because next week is the last week and we really need to kick it into high gear to make our numbers. We definitely need my bonus next month so we can play in LA!

I love CZ's new book. It's awesome. I love her design, her journalling. Everything. As much as I love Elsie Flannigan's look, doodling, etc, my real design belongs to CZ. I'm definitely a neat, clean line kind of girl. And that's ok. I would like to branch some more, but I won't forget my roots.

Over and out for now.

9.09 pm
I am officially old. It's only nine at night and I'm ready for bed. The day wasn't all that exhausting, but as I get older, I'm liking to sleep more. I really would like to scrap, but it's hard with Travis staying here.

I am also offically feeling like a slug. No workouts in TWO WEEKS!!! That's record for me (aside from being on vacation). I hope I'm eating a bit less, but that's doubtful. I really wanted to do a weight work out tomorrow but I don't know that I will have time. We'll see.

Travis did cook a yummy chicken marsala tonight. Man, we are getting spoiled.

I think it's time for bed...

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