Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday again

I just got back from a CE with Dr. C. Not too exciting, but I need to get those hours in!

Yesterday was a whirlwind day. After T made breakfast (scones and omelets, yum!) I actually got to the gym and lifted weights for almost an hour. It made me remember how I don't really like lifting weights anymore, but I felt kind of tough working out with my gimpy foot. And it was good to get the blood pumping. I probably won't lift again until Wednesday (maybe), when I have more time to come home and take a bath.

After Joe and T got back from flying with James, we went to the Astros game. The Enron tickets Joe wins are about 4-5 rows about the home dugout, so they are really good seats. We average about 1 game per season, which is enough baseball to last me for the whole year! We actually saw a home run and 3 runners batted in during the 2nd inning, so the game was pretty exciting.

We left the game after the 7th inning and made our way to Berry Hill. Many beers and crack-ritas later, we ended up at Hue before finally coming home around 9 pm. I was fairly grumpy by this point since we hadn't had anything to eat since lunch. After takeout from Barnaby's we crashed. Luckily I had 2.5 things of water at Hue so I was feeling tired this morning, but my head wasn't hurting at all.

Work was steady but not crazy today. I am worried about making our ###s....This is stressing me out somewhat and will probaby until the end of the week. At least I have next weekend off!

One more CE tomorrow night with Dr.C. Woo hoo - can't wait to learn about those rgps!

I did get some fun mail today. An invite to Seth and Jill's wedding in June. Unfortunately we probably won't go, but they sent a really cute one. And also the QVC ALL About me album. Missing about 4 pages, but at $10 + shipping, certainly a better deal than $27+shipping. Hopefully they will have all 4 albums on clearance!

Night night.

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