Wednesday, April 26, 2006


I went to the most BORING CE ever last night - about RGP bifocal fits - woo hoo. At least it was free and bring me 2 hours closer to finishing (I have done 6 hours now, only 10 to go!). But when I got home, the DVR didn't record AI!!! I was most distressed and didn't sleep very well (but I don't think that was because of the missed recording - it's difficult to sleep immediately upon returning home). Hopefully we can go to Richard's tonight and watch yesterday and today's episode.

I did see many peeps from Opt school there - all Asians of course. I sat and caught up with Doris Chao (although her last name may be different - she got married in October). Sweet girl. But it's weird, I just don't like hanging out with that many Asians. I have particular people I'm friends with who are Asian and at Cal almost my whole group was Asian, but I didn't think of them that way. It's a weird deal. Yes, call me a banana, Twinkie, whatever. Maybe that's what I really am (yellow on the outside, white on the inside - hee hee). Outside of school none of my friends here in Houston are Asian, except for Joey's girlfriend Linh, and do I really hang out with her? This was an issue I wrestled with a lot at Cal, but now it's like whatever. I'll hang out with you if I like you. I think Asians in big groups tend to grate on my nerves. I guess I'll get over it.

Got some pics in the mail from Snapfish. Need to scrap for Mom and Dad. Cathy Z had a good idea of uploading and printing pics once a month. I should do that so I always have some to scrap. Then no excuses. What I really want to do is use up some of my supplies so I don't feel bad for getting new ones!

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