Saturday, April 29, 2006

So I am finally starting my 21 Day Art Journal Challenge. Just using a small Bazzill zippered scrapbook to make little notes on how I want to be neater by the time I turn 35. Tomorrow will be the first official day and it will end on my bday. We will be in LA at that time so I will probably have to finish it a bit early, but I thought this would be a good thing to bring in my new year with. I collect so much stuff and we have so much random clutter. The clutter has definitely been pared down - most of it is just scrapping stuff now!

I have really been inspired to scrap today. Probably the bad weather this morning. I didn't even shower until 10AM - very late for me! I made a layout for mom and dad for mom's and dad's day, respectively. I already finished a China layout for the 'rents. Need to do some journaling for it, but it's done otherwise.

I also got the QVC Heidi Swapp All About Me album. It's missing 4 pages but otherwise in good shape. Not bad for more than half price ($9.99 + shipping vs 26.99). I am feeling like working on it, even though I'm not in the mood for journalling yet. Update: I have every page. Found them as I was working on it. Even better!

That's been my day. Fairly uneventful. Like I like it!

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