Monday, April 17, 2006

What to blog?

Nothing too exciting going on these days. We spent the better part of yesterday with James, Val and Lori. James was helping Joe get our TV and stereo hooked up correctly. Entertaining Lori wasn't too hard - luckily she likes to go outside and play by herself!

It's weird - all I think about these days is scrapping. When can I and what should I? I also want to participate in the 21-day challenge next time Rhonna has one. Right now I am planning some layouts for Mom and Dad's days. I also want to make a mini album for Joe for our anniversary. This year we are not doing presents, but making something doesn't count.

Work is busy as usual. We are having our CD/Doc meeting tonight so I won't be home until late. Blah!

Guess I better get to it...

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