Tuesday, April 18, 2006

100th post!!

Wow, I think this blogging thing is kind of addictive.

AI was great tonight. Everyone did pretty well except Pickler. Ace was back - I really loved his performance tonight. So it's going to be a tough call....

We are having some drama about LA and the Madonna tickets. Cindy works for LiveNation, who is sponsoring her tour. She thinks she can get 4 good tickets, possibly even together, but we are torn whether or not to take the rist. We are trying to probe her for information, but it's hard to be subtle.

In foot news, I have actually walked a little without the damn boot on. That thing is hurting my heel because it's too big now! I will be looking forward to getting the stitches out, although I'm kind of scared how my foot will look.

Good night!

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