Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Mornings to blog

I can tell already I'm having a hard time getting back into the work out routine. I am enjoying having these few hours at the house to myself. To give me credit I did do half an hour today - 150 bicycle curls, 100 modified push ups, 150 leg lifts and stretching my hamstrings in between. I really need to stretch - yoga is going to be bitch when I go back. I just don't like going to the gym to simply lift weights. It's just so boring to me. I probably need to get a new MP3 player - it's much easier right now at home because I was playing the stereo.

I really want to do a mini photo shoot when I go home. I just got to get the troops motivated. I want some fun pics of the fam. I guess the more I can plan it out the easier it will be for everyone. I think I will send Ting the link to the Tara Whitney blog so she can kind of see what I am imagining.

I need to do my Art Journal page and then get ready for work. Another day at the grind....

AI is almost ending. I am most sad about that. We will be having the closing party chez nous.

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