Friday, May 05, 2006


So this month I will pretty much have every weekend off!!! I can't believe it - so happy about that. Now that's a little thing that makes me happy. I think one of the reasons I like my job but don't LOVE my job is the work hours. I understand why we need to, but that doesn't make me have to like it anyways. I accept that we have to, but again, that doesn't make me have to like it. So I am definitely going to be appreciating my birthday month!

Joe and I had a low key anniversary celebration today. I just made him a layout for a little gift (we said no gifts this year). He got me some tulips and a new, bigger camera bag! He said it wasn't technically a gift, since I needed it. But very sweet nonetheless. That's my boy (sweet, unless he's slamming the door when he thinks you're talking too loud on the phone. Sometimes it can't be helped, especially when Lost throws you for a loop!!!).

Not working out is starting to get to me. I feel soft and out of shape. I am so ready to do some cardio!! But I do like how it frees up my morning to surf and blog! I also need to work on my art journal, so bye for now!

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