Saturday, May 06, 2006


Yes, I am an even bigger nerd for knowing today is National Scrapbooking Day! Two peas is having lots of activities, which I won't be able to participate in, but hopefully they will have the stuff up long enough for me to enjoy!

After seeing the one-day post-ops, I will be driving down to Galveston with Matt. We are staying with Richard, who is having a pool party for his 41st bday. It should be a good time, as long as it doesn't rain all day! Otherwise I'm not sure what we'll do. But you can bet that my camera will be there to capture all our fun moments!

Joe got up bright and early this morning to ride his bike down there. Thunder and rain have already started here, hopefully they will miss him or be over by the time he gets here!! He is so intense on his ironman training - I'm really proud of him!

I've been working on my Art Journal and trying to change a habit by keeping clean. It's mostly working. Sometimes, when I get caught up in scrapbooking, I get lazy. But I just gotta keep on!

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