Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Back from Arlington

I hung out with my optometry school peeps this past weekend: Ann, ReeDee and Annie. We also had a couple munchkins with us as well: Carrie (Ann's 6 week old) and Jett (Ree's 18 month old). We didn't do much. Ate some lunch. Hung out by the pool. Ate some more. Talked and talked. Put the kiddies down for their naps. Talked even more. Had pizza for dinner. Talked more. I can't believe we used to spend like 24-7 with each other and now we are lucky to see each other together once a year. And now, instead of taking pictures of my friends, I take pictures of their babies. With cuties like that, who wouldn't. I am starting to understand why parents take so many pictures of their kids. I took over 50 of these kiddos and they are not even mine!

However, the best part about someone else's kids is that you can give them back when you're done. Not so much when they are your own. That's why we don't have any yet ;).

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