Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Visitor this weekend

Our good friend Alan, who moved to London earlier this year, is coming back this weekend for a quick visit. His 20th (!!) high school reunion is the main excuse for coming back, but we know he just really misses us (not! I think he and Patrick are having too much fun over there.)

Here is a picture of us at his friends' Rob and Amy's apartment in New York circa 2001. Our first big trip to NYC. We are getting ready for dinner and then on to the Roxy! That was a go go go weekend. We visited the Statue of Liberty (my first time there in all the years I've been to New York visiting relatives), the floor of the NYSE (apparently a really big deal. Unfortunately Amy and I were a little to hung over to care!), and differently clubs every night we were there. Our favorites were the Roxy of course and Body and Soul, a Sunday afternoon party that played cool house music. Too bad it's no longer there (Body and Soul, not the Roxy).

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