Thursday, August 10, 2006


I go through phases where I obsess over scrapbooking (this is an ongoing one), lipsticks (haven't in a long time, though. I have enough make up to last a lifetime and I hardly even wear it!), clothes, shoes and handbags. The handbag one has just hit me again recently. I contemplated bidding on a KOOBA bag on ebay, but read a review saying most of the bags were fake. I would really like to have some nice, REAL bags, so I am saving $$ until the new year. After all Christmas gifts are bought I will splurge on a bag for myself. Maybe do this once a year. No more fakes! Have enough of those to last a lifetime as well! I have also been eyeing the Fendi Spy Bags, but unless they go on major sale, still out of my price range.

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