Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Loving me a short week

I love when it's already Wednesday and the week is almost half over! We have an unusual luxury of having 3 weekends off in a row this month. Of course we have to work 2 in a row at the end, but that's future EE's problem ;)!

We are driving to Dallas this coming weekend for Joe's half Ironman. This seems like a piece of cake compared to Lake Placid! He wants to do in a pretty fast time - last year he did it in like 5'40" or 5'20" but this year I think he would like to do it in under 5 hours. We'll see how much all of his training has paid off.

Next weekend Tinger is coming to visit and we are going to CKU! It's so cheesy but seems like it would be a lot of fun. I am looking forward to it. Since I am taking next Friday off, I have a short week next week as well. Gotta love that too!

And what's been even better - I think the weather is starting to cool off. When I left work last night, the air was positively comfortable, for once in a long time. Life is good and the blahs have left.

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