Tuesday, September 05, 2006

What a great weekend

We didn't go out of town. We didn't go out to eat (very much). We didn't do much of anything but spend some QT together. And it was ALL GOOD.

We did a lot of working out: yoga, running, yoga, biking and more yoga. Three days of ashtanga in a row is a record for me. I thought about going this morning, but the bed was too comfortable.

We cooked a couple meals at home - 30 minute meals of course. And we did have fajitas at El Tiempo with Ken, Peg, Johnny, Chad and Amanda on Sunday night. But overall we had a very low key weekend. And I LOVED it.

Ken and Peg had everyone over at the pool yesterday. We had burgers, chicken and lots of fixins. Peg made some yummy Szechuan noodles - I will definitely have to try it out soon. And she made a yummy strawberry cheese dessert thing that I couldn't stop eating. Needless to say, we came home very full!

So, here's to a short work week - and looking forward to seeing Mom and Dad this coming weekend!

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