Thursday, November 02, 2006

New classes

I am such a geek. I have been waiting for my 2 big picture scrapboooking classes to start today. One is a journaling class and one is to make a year in review album of 12 layouts. I figured I could use one to compliment the other!

The BPS classes have definitely inspired me to scrap more. I am taking a yearlong one with Heidi Swapp next year and am REALLY looking forward to it. On 2peas, people have been complaining at the cost and lack of projects (it's essentially a yearlong class where we make a calendar), but I can honestly say if I took a class that had a project a week, I would probably never get them all done in my lifetime. I really wanted to take it to learn more about HS's creative mojo.

I guess it's time to get ready for work! Yesterday was a good day because it was the beginning of the month and not a crazy day. But also because I reminded myself that Happiness is a choice.

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