Thursday, January 25, 2007

Beautiful day

Not a cloud in the sky today, if you can believe it. Living in Houston gives one a weird sense of the seasons. It stays unseasonalby (sp?) warm until Oct-Nov. It cools down a bit for a week or two but then warms up again in December. And the rain start in January. And it does stay cooler. Under 60 or 50. But it doesn't really stay cold for a long period of time. Just long enough for me to want to buy a new winter coat that I only wear once or twice. Good thing I haven't in the past year (maybe two, but I think Joe got me a cute pink corduroy jacket from the Gap last year). I have also tried to refrain from buying more sweaters, because again they are only worn a few times, at most, throughout the winter.
I got my Heidi Swapp calendar today! Fun fun fun! I am just waiting to get my photos from Snapfish so I can finish my January layout. I am definitely on scrapping mode lately!
Friday tomorrow - thank goodness. Unfortunately Saturday is a work day too, but the week always seems to go by faster when I am off on Monday. Laters.

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