Thursday, February 08, 2007

Time goes by so slowly...

for those who time to hesitate...those who run seem to have all the fun...(madonna is a wise woman).

Where have I been the past 2 weeks? Swamped with work, American Idol, A Year to Remember and Fashion Week at Bryant Park, NYC!

I got back last night from New York. Ting and I spent 5 fabulous days shopping, drinking lots of coffee, bonding with Bill and Juan, freezing our a$$e$ off in the below 20-degree weather, seeing lots of new fashion, coveting bags and enjoying each other's company. I love my sister!

Our new OD, Dr. Thai, is leaving us so I will be working all by myself the last 2 weeks of the month...NOT fun, but what can you do? He is so sweet and will be missed!

I am falling behind on my scrap to get it together.

Overall life is good. Joe is really starting his ironman training and so he is always either hungry or tired and I kind of miss him, but hopefully we'll get back into our routine.

That's enough randomness for one night. Ciao for now!

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