Friday, February 23, 2007


should be my middle name. I am THE worst at getting stuff done. Whether it be house chores or stuff I like - I have good intentions in my mind but sometimes they just never get done!

In my choose joy class, we are making a layout about 100 things we are grateful for. I am currently working on that list. But she also wants us to keep a gratitude journal and write a sentence or 2 about what we were grateful for that day. So my gratitude for last night (for some reason I was totally grumpy yesterday and couldn't fall asleep) is the ice pack that makes my back feel better. I slack on the stretches but I like the feel of cold on my back.

Today I am going to CHOOSE JOY and be a more pleasant person at work. (I think it's hard because sometimes, like today, I just dread work!! Ugh!) Wish me luck!

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