Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Doing my civic duty

I have a jury summons for this afternoon. While it is a little of a pain, I do get to miss work for a day (and hopefully only a day) and participate in our legal system. While I think being on a jury would be interesting, we have too much going on at work for me to miss more than a day. So we'll see!
In other news, I am finally recovered from my drunkeness this weekend. Marc, Darah, Richard and I met up with Amy and Co at a newish bar called Etro, located right behind Sliders. They played cool 80's music all night (Hold Back the Rain (Duran2), Have in Mind (Cetu Javu) were two of my favorites) and we had many drinks and a couple of redheaded slut shots (Jaeger and red bull). Those shots are what did me in. And not drinking very much over the past few months. I yakked outside of Marc's car (while sitting in the front seat - at least I didn't yak in the car!) and I also yakked when I got home, but that definitely helped my feel better-ish the next day.
I also got some happy mail yesterday! My Poppy Ink Kit and add-on, Cafe Prima flowers and the June CK. Fun fun fun!

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