Saturday, June 30, 2007

A rare day off

I always feel like I don't have many weekends off. This is probably because in May we were gone the first weekend and then I worked the last three. And June we worked 2 in a row. But, including last weekend, I will have 3 weekends off in a row! Unfortunately this is the only one here at home and techinically I still am working for a bit tomorrow morning.

I love travelling and the such, but being at home is a good thing too. The only thing I wish is that my sister were closer so I could see her more often. I think she is still having a hard time with losing the baby. Mom called her today and apparently upset her; I think she probably just wishes Mom were with her instead of across the world in Taiwan. At least that's how I would feel. I will call her tomorrow and hope she is feeling better.

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