Monday, July 09, 2007

"Your flight is delayed." Those are the 4 dreaded words any traveller loathes to hear. Especially when they are on the way home. Our 2 pm flight out of Portland, ME didn't leave until 5 pm for Newark. So we obviously missed our 4:30 pm flight back home. We tried to go standby on the 8pm-delayed-until-9:20om flight but it was overfull. So we stayed at the Ramada Inn by the airport, where I am convinced that I got bitten by bedbugs, and took the 8:35am-delayed-until-9:30am flight out of Newark to Houston. The trip home from hell.

I am glad to be back and have actually gotten a few things done - Target and groceries. But I am one tired chica. I love travelling - visiting family, seeing new things, eating good food - everything about it except for the actual travel part. I wish I could be a genie and blink my way to our destination. But, alas, we live in the real world and genies do not exist. I guess we just need to remember to take the earliest morning flight out we can and to avoid Newark airport at all costs. Just little tips to make the travelling less stresful.

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