Friday, June 22, 2007

Sad day

John called me this afternoon at lunch...Clementine is sick and won't survive. Ting is very distraught and I am upset as well. I've never heard John cry so naturally I started crying when he did. I am still not exactly sure what is wrong - just a test came back that she has some kind of rare disorder or that she is not developing normally. I was so looking forward to becoming an auntie. I guess we just won't have a golden piglet this year :(

In other, more-random-and-not-as-life-affecting news, I am experiencing allergies like never before tonight. Itchy eyes, nose and throat, congested nose and sneezing. Ugh - it sucks! Hopefully things will be drier in Lubbock tomorrow. Otherwise I really need to get some allergy medication.

Off to Lubbock in the AM. Yee haw.

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