Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I can't believe this is the last week in June. This is probably repetitive, but where does the time go?!?! I remember summer days that were so long I ran out of things to do and the common theme was, "Mom, I'm bored!" Those days are long gone and I wish to have so much time as to be bored! These days are filled to the rim - with what (besides work), I am not sure, but every day seems to go by faster and faster. Why can't it slow down?

I'm off to the doc this morning before going into work. I have some kind of benign cyst in my left breast that I need to have removed but haven't gotten to it yet. So I think they are going to scold me and make me go to a surgeon. Ugh. Who has time for surgery? I guess I keep putting it off because it doesn't seem like anything serious but I need to get this taken care of. Wish me luck!

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