Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Joe and I are spending the rest of our Christmas afternoon just chillin' on the sofa. We spent the morning with the Kachinski clan, opening presents and eating good food. We got some fun gifts, but my favorite is my new bag! {picture to come soon}
Because I am not very religious (or religious at all), Christmas really means being with family and appreciating what you have. While I love receiving gifts, I really love giving gifts and spending time with loved ones. I miss my Tinger, Mom, Dad and John, but will be seeing them soon!

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tinger said...

Yarbs - Xmas away from the fam is never fun. At least next year we will all be together and skiing, hopefully! (I am hoping Josephino is on that ;-) But, like you said, this is what we do for love - compromise and spend holidays with the in-laws... XOXO