Sunday, December 23, 2007

Winter is here

...apparently! Yesterday the high was in the 70s. We had lunch outside with Joe's siblings at one of our favorite eats, Empire Cafe.
The cold front came through last night. The temperature in Joe's car read 34degrees when we went out to the park to run. I do say that I enjoy running in the cold MUCH more than runnning in hot and humid weather!
Today was pretty much our ideal morning. Wake up early to run, grab some coffee (sugar-free non-fat gingerbread or cinnamon dolce lattes - good stuff!) and bagels for breakfast, rest a bit, yoga (although my right hamstring is bothering me and I was quite uncomfortable during some poses), and the grocery store before coming home for lunch.
The in-laws were supposed to arrive yesterday but their flight was delayed. They are in the air as I type and will be landing around 5pm. Poor things, they spent the whole night at Newark airport. NOT the best way to start a holiday vacation! But they will be here soon and the Kachinski clan will be together for Christmas.
I like not travelling for Christmas but I miss my fam. I am glad we will be seeing Ting, John and Yaya in February for the Austin marathon!

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tinger said...

we miss you too! i'll also be in yarlington jan.18 - 20 (but have to go out on jan. 19 in dallas for al's tx bach party...)