Monday, January 07, 2008

A little shop shop

I haven't hit any after Christmas sales yet this year. Usually at the end of the year/beginning of the next I am either out of town or tired of shopping (shocker, yes, but it happens). So I went by the Galleria today because I had some gift certificates I wanted to use.

First I bought some mittens, liners and socks for our upcoming ski trip. All practical stuff, nothing too exciting. I also bought a sweater and t-neck from the Gap (on sale, of course), again for the ski trip. Bath and Body Works was having a sale on my favorite lotion (Coconut Lime Verbena) so I stocked up on those as well.

But the piece de resistance was my puchase at Saks. Last Feb Tingaling and I went to NYC for Spring Fashion week (one of the most fabulous trips ever!). During one of our many shopping excursion, she bought some cool Bond No. 9 cologne for her hubby, BoomBoom. We also got a sample of Bond No. 9 Bryant Park, from the fashion show. I have been using it as sparingly as possible because I wanted it to last. Now, almost 1 year later, I am out of my sample. My girlfriends gave me a GC to the mall for my bday last year so I thought this would be a nice splurge. I ended up with a different perfume that I thought is a little more wearable than the Bryant Park. It is called The Scent of Peace (love that name too!). Seriously, the bottle itself is worth the price of admission.

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tinger said...

nice job, yarb! smells like you are officially one of the cool kids...