Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scrappy goodness

I received some fun mail today - Cocoa Daisy 12months of mini books kit! It was so cute I couldn't resist. I started working on mine tonight. I love mini albums but I haven't really made any for myself. I think this will be a fabulous finished product at the end of the year.
The other thing I did today was take some everyday photos. I am going to make a 12 on the 12th album for 2008. I am taking 12 photos the 12th of each month. This will be a good snapshot of our life! I just couldn't bring myself to commit to a photo-a-day for the year, which seems to be in vogue these days.
On a working out note, Joe went to be way early this morning as he is waking up at 2AM (yes, you read correctly) to ride his bike for a couple hours before running the marathon. I will probably have to wake up around 4:30 am to get ready for the half. Just thinking about getting out of bed that early is making me sleepy so I'm out.

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tinger said...

Josephine is a crazy dude. Literally crazy. But in good shape, so at least he has something to show for it... I can't do a photo a day - totally always forget about it! But mini-books are good. I should try to make some...