Sunday, January 13, 2008

Thank goodness it's over

The half/full marathon that is! The weather was great this morning; a little chilly but good running weather. I finished 2:04, so right under my time for the White Rock. I still got a bit cold and tired towards the end. I keep saying I need to do more long runs. But I am pleased nonetheless.

My crazy husband woke up this morning to ride his bike for 1.5 hours. He ran his marathon in 3:30 and is back on his bike as I type this. Today is just an extra long training day for him. Like I said, crazy!

We are going to be meeting up with our peeps after Joe is finished (if he is still able to stand!). I am going to be hungry!

1 comment:

tinger said...

good job, yarborough. let josephine work out for the 2 of you - he does length wise enough already!