Monday, February 11, 2008

Cute print

So I met Peg for lunch at a new sandwich shop on Westheimer called Bewitched. I had a yummy Cali Club sandwich while she enjoyed a turkey and avocado sandwich. They served the sandwiches with this garbanzo bean-lentil salad which was delicious as well. And since they are located right next to a bakery, I had to have a red velvet cupcake for dessert.

While I was waiting for Peg, I noticed a free newspaper with a very pink cover. It is called Skirt and caters to women. The reason I noticed the cover was the cute illustration:
The artist's name is Bella Pilar and she does watercolors. Turns out I have a piece of her art, a limited edition T that I got on sale at Tar-jay because I loved the design. Looks like a scrapbook page in the making...
This last photo is my self-portrait for today. Just a snapshot of the shirt I am wearing today. A bit boring, but I wasn't in to mood to take too many photos today. {And yes, the shirt is supposed to look a little stained}

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tinger said...

nice illustration! we have skirt up here in va as well... miss ya!