Sunday, February 10, 2008


has been a good day so far. I mean, who doesn't enjoy a 70 degree sunny day in Houston. I wish it could stay this way! After our run I went to work for about an hour. We actually skipped yoga this morning to have breakfast at Baby Barnaby's with Cindy, Marc, Darryl, Ingrid (Cindy's bff) and Blake (Ingrid's financee).After breakfast I scrapped a little before we met Marc on Allen Parkway. Joe did his 2nd run of the day while Marc ran a bit to loosen his muscles.We also wanted to check out the new skate park they are building.Joe and I walked LuLu for a bit while Marc was running.

And I enjoyed a healthy snack.My life may not be perfect, but it ain't too shabby either.

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