Monday, February 04, 2008

Productive day

My Mondays off are usually fairly productive. I prefer going to the store (be it clothes, food or Tar-jay) on Mondays because they simply are not as crazy as they are on the weekends. And I like having the feeling of playing hooky, like I should really be something else. I wonder if this is what people who don't have to work feel like everyday. I could get used to it!

So Joe and I ran at the park this morning. I think I tied my left shoe too tight yesterday so my foot was bothering me. I don't typically break any land speeds when I run, but I was especially slow today. But I worked my way through it. We were hoping to see our friend Marc out there (he started a 2 week Seal PT course) but we must have missed him.

After doing a little scrapping (I was on a roll last night and it continued onto this morning), I went to yoga. Then off to Tar-jay for some random house items. I really have to control myself because they have such cute stuff there!

I met Joe at the Center Club for an intro to Pilates reformer class. It was cool to see how the machine works - like using weights but you have to concentrate on your core. I just don't want to have to pay extra for any classes!

We had sandwiches at Pot Belly for lunch. Yum!

I bought a cool headband and sweater at this cute workout clothes store - Lulemon (or something like that) before heading to Central Market for some fresh veggies, fruit and fish. I am cooking some Chilean Sea Bass tonight. Looking forward to it!

Whew - so that's been my day in a nutshell. I think I need a nap.{My self-portrait of today, modeling the aforementioned headband}

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tinger said...

Your day was great - so full! All I did was sleep, cough and blow my nose (sometimes I am amazed at all the mucus I can produce - gross!). I am hoping to feel better soon!