Wednesday, March 12, 2008

12 on the 12th {ETA photos}

Today is the 12th of the month, which means I need to take 12 photos of our day. I got a couple taken already and will try to post them tonight or tomorrow morning. This is a fun little project; you (and by you I mean Ting, the one of maybe 2 people who reads this!) should try it, especially since you have been taking lots more random everyday life type of photos already.

Shoes that represent our morning run

Our yummy breakfast ofeggs with veggies and steel cut oats with apples, blueberries and cinnamon Joe's always prepared and has his working out and work clothes for tomorrow already taken outMy lunch bag: I wish I could buy everything at NM!Running a couple errands during my lunch breakA bag from one of my new favorite stores: Lululemon. I bought 2 yoga tops and a cute hoodie today.Joe and Kurt trying to figure out how to upload some program onto Kurt's laptop.
The table set up for dinnerSelf-portrait in their fabulous huge mirrorMike looking like a straight boy grilling the salmon (he also has that deer in headlights expression on his face as I surprised him with this photo)Joe anticipating dinnerThe finished dinner: salmon with green beans and rice pilaf. Delish!

We woke up at the crack again to run. I like to get the workout over with so it's not necessarily a bad thing. Tonight we are going to our friend Kurt + Mike's for dinner - they are grilling salmon - yums!

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tinger said...

Maybe... but perhaps I could start with 6 on the 6th or something. Do you print your photos out at home?