Monday, March 03, 2008

Monday again

Where did the weekend go? Oh yeah, lots of running and yoga, some shopping, hanging out with friends and lots of eating. We like to eat. We met the boys up at little Berry Hill for brunch. That turned into 'ritas at big Berry Hill. I only had one and Joe only had two, so we actually left before 6 pm.
We ate some yummy pizza from Empire for dinner and watched a little TV. I have been DVRing Cashmere Mafia and watched like 3 episodes last night. It is actually growing on me a bit.

We slept in this morning and missed our early morning run. My plan is to get to yoga a bit earlier this morning and do some cardio, but the weather is looking very stormy right now. As long as it isn't raining like cats and dogs I will be there.

Joe just left for work (yes, he brings a least 4 bags with him to work: work bag, gym bag, swim bag and lunch bag) and I am contemplating what to do all day. I love Mondays!

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tinger said...

Nice having the day off, eh?! Have you watched Lipstick Jungle? Just the other network's version of Cashmere Mafia - with Brooke Shields. She is looking old!!! We watched one, it was ok, nothing that great...