Saturday, March 08, 2008

Today I

...slept in (well, until 6 am, which is fairly late for me!)
...saw Joe off for his day-long workout session...went to work for 1 hour
...practiced yoga
...met Marc for lunch at Andre's in Uptown Park
...shopped with Marc at the Galleria (I bought a pink scarf from The Gap {am a little obsessed with light scarves this season} and a couple pair of flip flops from J. Crew {almost full time flip flop season!}) and then shopped by myself back at Uptown Park...took a few photos with my new cheapie fisheye camera (ok, shooting in film is so weird to me now because I can't see what the photo looks like. now i have to finish the roll soon!) now waiting for Joe to come home. I think we will eat out tonight!

1 comment:

tinger said...

sounds like a good saturday! i think i want some light scarves as well... p.s. got the CUTEST flats at tar-jay, will post them soon!!!!