Sunday, March 09, 2008

An extra hour?

Technically we lost an hour last night, but we gain an extra hour of sun. I am looking forward to the longer days coming up.

This morning was spent working out - Joe and I ran at the park: him for 12 miles me for 9. Then I went to yoga and he went swimming.This afternoon was spent eating. I had lunch with my good friend Ree and her babies. They were so cute but definitely a handful. She is such a great momma!After meeting up with Ree I met Marc, Darah and the boys for brunch where I just had a plate of fruit and ate off of their plates. Needless to say, I am a full girl.Tonight Joe and I are going to cook some fish (locally caught catfish) and some veggies and just chill. That's all for now!

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tinger said...

wow - 9 miles and then yogidy?! i am very impressed! Friday I also did a two-a-day - did seals and then yogidy... was tired that night. miss ya!