Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Get your scrap on

I have been feeling extra creative lately. This is probably because I just ordered a bunch of photos from last month. I try to upload and print photos at the end of every month so I have them in my hand and I feel inspired to scrap. I did multiple layouts and even a mini-album of random friend photos yesterday. I am too lazy to scan them in but I do have 2 little treats I made this morning. The inspiration was yet another challenge blog called One Little Word. I decided to do 8x8 pages for the challenge which is fun because one photo takes up a lot of room and the page itself doesn't take very long to make.
Here is my layout for the most recent challenge based on the word BEST:And my take on a previous challenge TIME{Sorry the scans are a little wonky - I had already put the pages in protectors and was too lazy to take them out.} Have a great hump day!

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tinger said...

Very impressive, Yarbs! You will have to help me to get my scrap on once I am down in H-town!!! And then we'll have more time together - yay! We'll see you Friday! xoxo